Tricel Vento 12 Super Low Pro Septic Tank

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Tank Volume: 4,255 litres

Population Equivalent: UK - 12 Persons
Population Equivalent: IRE - 12 Persons

Delivered within 2-3 working days

European certified to EN12566-1
Supplied with 1 pair of risers Low Invert Tank
Manhole Covers included

2050x1850x1730mm - with 1 pair of risers
2050x1850x1910mm - with 2 pairs of risers
2050x1850x2090mm - with 3 pairs of risers

Detailed P12 Super Low Profile Septic Tank Dimensions as follows:

Septic tank brochure, click here

Septic tank installation guidelines and technical information, click here

Septic Tank Riser Extensions

The Tricel Super Low Pro Septic tank is supplied with 1 pair of risers.
For deeper tank installations or where a site is sloped further riser extenions may be required.
To buy more riser extensions, select from the drop down options below.

Note : Offloading unit is your responsibility

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